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Yardage pdf Guide

Wanna know how much yarn went into your latest project but you have no idea how to figure it out?

This step by step cheat sheet will guide through the process in no time!

Free pdf cheat sheet for crochet designers,
makers, and pattern testers.

What you’ll get:

  • 4-page pdf with step by step instructions on how to calculate the yardage of a finished crochet or knit item.
  • Full with examples and extra pages to print for your calculations.
  • You can easily store it on your crochet planner for easy access every time you need it.

This is for you if:

  • You are a maker that really knows his stuff and want an accurate way of measuring how much yarn you crochet or knit in any given item.
  • You are an active pattern tester and the designers always ask you this kind of information but you are too embarrassed to admit you don’t know how to calculate how much yarn you used.
  • You are an aspiring pattern designer and you know the importance of yardage spent, but have no idea how to measure it.