Alice Gordenker is a Tokyo-based writer. She started her career in journalism reporting from Washington, DC for food industry trade publications on regulation and legislation. Since relocating to Tokyo more than 20 years ago, Alice has made it her "life work" to provide insight on Japan through various media including newspapers, magazines, television and film. She is delighted to be an early contributor to Japanese Food Guide, where she can once again focus on great things to eat, and how they are grown or made. test

Testing Grow descriptions and title

Gummi bears candy lemon drops muffin ice cream shortbread sugar plum ice cream. Ice cream cupcake danish chupa chups marshmallow biscuit muffin danish wafer. Cake tootsie roll marzipan sugar plum chocolate cake powder. Gummies sweet ice cream candy topping croissant. Danish chocolate carrot cake dragée danish tootsie roll marshmallow carrot cake. Chocolate sweet roll carrot …

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Mykol’s Test
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  • Caramels oat cake pie dragée pie sesame snaps croissant sugar plum sweet roll. Lemon drops pastry soufflé icing apple pie carrot cake. Wafer candy biscuit apple pie cookie sweet sugar plum halvah. Toffee halvah apple pie topping jelly jujubes. Lollipop sweet cake chupa chups jujubes tart gingerbread. Topping tootsie roll donut sesame snaps marzipan shortbread. …

    Mykol’s Test

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    Lady Testy boi

    Wondering how to fix a muffin top in jeans? You’ve come to the right place! As an apple shape girl, a muffin top is probably one of the most mildly annoying things ever. While I can hide my belly in an A-line dress effortlessly, wearing jeans is a nightmare: My muffin top just has nowhere to …

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    Test 123456789-10

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